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Get the Software

AWR Design Environment platform v22.1 is available for download from the Downloads site.

Read about the New Features

Read the comprehensive What's New document. This guide also ships in the software (Help > What's New).

Important Announcements

See Licensing Changes for licensing and OS migration details. Refer to the Migrations Issues section of the What's New Document (Help > What's New) for changes in v22.1

New in the AWR Design Environment

  • Additional Python resources for AWRDE: Added Getting Started Guides for using Python as a scripting language for the AWR Design Environment software. See Python.
  • Version Control Improvements: Enables large group design projects by managing AWR Design Environment documents with version control software. The improvements include support for LPF and symbol files, ability to revert back to a specific revision through History dialog box, Design Sync integration support for file-based vaults and module-based vaults and more.
  • Schematic and System Editor Enhancements: Upgraded the Swap Elements dialog box with filtering capabilities and check boxes that enable preservation of parameters and/or symbols.

New in AWR Microwave Office

  • The Component Synthesis Wizard and the Mixer and Multiplier Synthesis Wizard no longer require additional licensing and are now available to all users.

  • Pointer - Hybrid optimizer: New hybrid, or combination of optimizers for simplification of existing methods.
  • Nimbix Cloud Support: Run Cadence AXIEM® 3D planar EM solver and Cadence Analyst™ 3D FEM EM solver in the cloud.
  • Clarity 3D Solver Integration: Integration of the Cadence® Clarity™ 3D Solver enables direct simulation of 3D EM structures from within the AWR Design Environment platform.
  • Celsius Thermal Solver Integration: Run thermal analysis directly on structures created in the AWR Design Environment platform.

Cadence Unified Library

  • Silicon RF/mmWave IP Creation: Facilitate the design and analysis of RF/microwave, analog, and digital design elements together with Virtuoso platforms.
  • Enhanced Interoperability with Allegro and Virtuoso Platforms: Create and analyze RF/microwave IP in AWR Microwave Office and share schematic and layout with Virtuoso and Allegro platforms.
  • Enhanced SpectreRF Integration: Specify SpectreRF as the simulator for loadpull and VSS nonlinear model extraction
  • EMX Planar 3D Solver Integration: Run EMX simulation of silicon RFIC designs from within the AWR Design Environment platform.

New in VSS

  • Data File Improvements: Smoother flow of co-simulating between VSS software and other external tools.
  • Amplifier Design: Application content for amplifier designers.
  • Mixer Design: Application content for mixer designers.
  • RF System Design: Application content for RF system designers.
  • RF Measurements: RF measurement related application content.
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