The procedure for requesting AWR support has changed. Please read all about the new AWR product support process.
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After the acquisition of AWR by Cadence, your Product Information may currently be split between our AWR Systems and Cadence Systems.  We hope to have all products in Cadence systems in the next year, at which time the AWR system will no longer be used. 

AWR systems will show the products with:

  • Locked licenses
  • Off maintenance floating licenses for v13 or earlier

Cadence Systems will show the products with:

  • On maintenance locked and floating licenses

For additional questions about your maintenance status, please contact your local Cadence sales representative.

AWR Systems

Visit your Account Information page (or go to, click on the CUSTOMER PORTAL button, log in, and select the menu item My Account > Account Information).

If your Account Status is ‘Cadence Customer’, you will have Products in Cadence Systems. You may also have some Products, as defined above, shown on this page, which is based on AWR systems. If your Account Status is not ‘Cadence Customer’, all your products are shown on this page. Products shown on this page are key products that may be eligible for Upgrade and/or Return to Maintenance (RTM).

Cadence Systems

Cadence Online Support (COS) can provide information on the products you own, and the End date for their maintenance.

If you have not logged into COS before, and need help registering, please see AWR Product Support Submission Change.

After logging into COS, select the menu item My Support > My Account & Preferences

Click the My Profile tab in the page that opens, and Entitlement Information section will show your active host IDs*, and the End Date for your access to COS.  This is the latest end date for your maintenance agreements.  (More information on this tab is available on this page in COS.)

*For locked licenses, the host ID here will not be the same as the one shown in AWR systems.  Click this link for the process of getting these host IDs for locked licenses.

Click the Manage Product Entitlement link (and then click Show Details) to see your products.

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