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The hierarchical GDS export of my layout does not match the layout shown inside of the AWRDE


This problem can occur if the gds libraries contain artwork cells with the same name in different libraries, but different layouts. Suppose you have the layout below in the AWRDE:

When you export that layout, you have:

In this case, the reason the GDS export is different from the layout in the AWRDE is due to the fact that this project has two GDS libraries containing artwork cells with the same name. Notice below that GDS_Library1 and GDS_Library2 both have artwork cells named ArtworkCell1 .

The Top layout uses both of these artwork cells. When two or more GDS libraries contain artwork cells with the same name, the Artwork Instance Export Options must be changed. To access these options, select Options > Layout Options.

A Layout Options window will appear. Select the Export/LPF tab to access the Artwork instance export options.

The default setting is Do not change cell names. Change the settings to Append lib name to duplicates. Now when you export, the hierarchical GDS exported layout should match the layout in the AWRDE.