The procedure for requesting AWR support has changed. Please read all about the new AWR product support process.

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Please check back on this page periodically as it will be updated as AWR continues integrating into Cadence standard practices.  

Integration Summary

See sections below for more details.

  • Support:  AWR Support has fully transitioned to Cadence Online Support for support tickets.  Online material is still available at
  • Licensing: If you need an updated license file, please contact Cadence Support and with specific details. It usually helps to provide a copy of your existing license file. 
  • Downloads:  Customers no longer have access to the legacy AWR downloads site, and must use Cadence Downloads.

Registering for Support

AWR has fully migrated over to Cadence Support for technical issues.

See Getting AWR Technical Support for details on how to register with the Cadence Support system.

The legacy AWR Knowledge Base is in the process of migrating to Cadence Online Support, but is still available here:

HOSTID Requirement

Cadence will acknowledge a new order even if you have not provided your HOSTID yet.   Do not register for a Cadence account before you know your server HOSTID.  The HOSTID is required during registration and is what links your registration to the proper account in order to enable Support and Downloads.  

License Delivery

For any new products purchased, Cadence will email you a license file.   If you are not familiar with Cadence floating license files, please see this article, How is a Cadence license different from an AWR one

See Configure Floating Licenses for details on setting up your floating license server.  

Software Downloads

Customers must use the Cadence Downloads site to obtain software installers.  See License and Download Changes. Access to the legacy AWR downloads site is no longer available.

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