The procedure for requesting AWR support has changed. Please read all about the new AWR product support process.
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Getting Setup for Cadence


AWR is not yet fully moved over to Cadence Support so for technical issues, please continue to use:

Getting AWR Technical Support

Please check back on this page periodically as it will be updated as AWR continues integrating into Cadence standard practices.  

The Cadence download site only contains AWR Versions 14 and 15.  If you need older versions for any reason, you will need to use the AWR download site.  

Cadence will acknowledge a new order even if you have not provided your HOSTID yet.   Please do not start making Cadence accounts before you know your server HOSTID.  The HOSTID is required during registration and is what links your registration to the proper account to enable support and downloads.  

License Delivery

For any new products purchased, Cadence will email you a license file.   If you are not familiar with Cadence floating license files, please see this article, How is a Cadence license different from an AWR one

See Configure Floating Licenses for details on setting up your floating license server.  

Software Downloads

At this point in the AWR integration into Cadence, you can download the AWR installers from either the AWR or Cadence download sites.  Please review the information below to help you decide what to do:

  1. If you evaluated the software, you most likely have the latest version of the AWR installation, and you do not need to download anything new.  You only need to configure your software to run with your purchased license file.   See Configure Floating Licenses. You can run the Help > Check For Update from the AWR Design Environment to see if there is any update available.
  2. If you know you have an AWR account, you can still use that to access the download page to get the software.   
  3. You can create an account on Cadence’s support site,   Please see the Cadence Registration page for details.   Make sure you have your license server HOSTID ready as it is necessary as part of the registration.   Once you have registered, you can find downloads under the Software Updates/Software Downloads section of the support webpage.

AWR Integration Impact

The following helps describe the state of integration and where you should get information.  

  • Support.  Use Getting AWR Technical Support.   AWR is not set up in the Cadence Online Support (COS) system yet, and searching on that site will not provide any specific AWR content.  If you are looking for online content for AWR products, please use
  • Licensing: If you need an updated license file, please email and be specific in your request. It usually helps to provide a copy of your existing license file. 
  • Downloads:  You can download versions 14 and 15 from either the Cadence or AWR downloads site.  You will need a corresponding account, depending on which system you access.
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