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What's New with Graphs and Measurements?

  • Control many Measurements across one or many Graphs at the same time
    • Plot one or many data sources with a DOC_SET
    • Control measurement parameters using variables on Output Equation Documents
  • Quickly and easily create report pages with multiple Graphs, Circuit Schematics, etc.
    • Control report "sources", window layout, and ordering with Insert Window command
  • Directly plot vs output power (or voltage or current)
    • Define the output power measurement on the schematic with the X_SWP block
    • No need to use the PlotVs measurement

Examples and Videos

DOC_SETS, Variables in Measurement Parameters, and Painless Report Generation

This simple example uses load pull data to illustrate using a DOC_SET and variables in measurement parameters to control the Measurement data source and variables to control the common measurement parameters.  It also illustrates using the Insert Windows command to quickly build a nice data report.  Test drive the example.

Furthermore, this example shows more complex and realistic Power Amplifier test benches and reports and how the new DOC_SET, variables in measurement parameters, and plotting vs. output power combine to make a highly portable, easily configurable test setup.  The project can be downloaded here: pa_swept_power_and_frequency_report.emz

Interpolated Load Pull Measurements and the Floating Smith Chart Marker

This project builds on the simple example shown above to demonstrate a nifty way to use the new graphing improvement features.  It also uses load pull data and illustrates interpolating load pull data at the impedance from a floating Smith Chart marker.  Test drive the example

Plot Versus Output Power
This example shows using the X_SWP schematic control block to easily plot any nonlinear measurement vs. output power.  Test drive the example


How do I use variables in measurements?
See What's New Guide for variables and measurements

How do I use the DOC_SET element?
See What's New Guide for DOC_SETs

How should I plot versus output power?
See What's New Guide for plotting vs output power