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Adding dielectric definitions individually via the Add Dielectric dialog box can be cumbersome. This article describes how to edit the materialdefs.xml to add multiple material definitions at the same time.


  1. Save your project before continuing.

  2. Select Help > Show Files/Directories. The Directories dialog box will appear.

  3. Double-click on Appdatauser from the list of directories. This will open the folder on your computer.

  4. Open the materialdefs.xml file with any text editor. If you have never edited this file, it will look like this:

                         <Alumina Er="9.8" TanD="0.001"/>
                         <FR4 Er="4.47" TanD="0.016"/>
                         <GaAs Er="12.9" TanD="0.001"/>
                         <Aluminum Cond="37800000"/>
                         <Copper Cond="59600000"/>
                         <Gold Cond="42600000"/>
                         <Silver Cond="63000000"/>
                         <Resist ResSq="50" ResF="0" React="0"/>
  5. To add new entries under the <Dielectrics> section. Add a new line before the </Dielectrics> line. Type the following as it appears (substitute Dielectric_Name with your actual material name and enter your materials properties inside of the quotes, repeat this step for each new material):

    <Dielectric_Name Er="0.00" TanD="0.00"/>

NOTE: Your material name must follow XML Naming Rules:

  • Names cannot start with a number or punctuation character

  • Names cannot contain spaces

Violating these rules will cause your modified file to be overwritten with the default materialdefs.xml file. Any changes you have made will be lost.

  • Save the materialdefs.xml file, and exit your text editor.

  • Close the project, and restart the AWR Design Environment.

  • Your new entries should now be visible in the Preset: dropdown inside the Add Dielectric dialog box.

The download link below contains an XML file which has over 50 common RF board material properties offered by Arlon, Rogers, and Taconic shown in this material list . The user can use this file in their Appdatauser folder to immediately access these materials.


Common RF Board Materials