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I imported a SPICE model and used it in a circuit schematic. How do I make sure that it behaves as it would in HSPICE, without translation?


The solution described below only applies to AWRDE Version 14 and older. As of AWRDE Version 15, HSPICE is no longer a feature.

The recommended approach is to compare HSPICE simulation results of the model's netlist when imported normally, vs. when imported as "Native HSPICE". Note that an HSP-100 license is required to simulate the native netlist with HSPICE for validation. However, as of the AWR2010 release, you can import an HSPICE model for use with other simulators without an HSP-100 feature license.

To check your imported/translated SPICE model, follow these steps:

  1. Make sure you include the HSPICE feature (HSP-100) when you start MWOffice or Analog Office.

  2. Create a copy of your schematic (in Project browser, drag and drop the schematic on the Circuit Schematics node).

  3. Import the model netlist again, but as a native HSPICE this time.

    1. Optionally create a copy of the netlist file on your hard drive, with a different name for the file and the subckt inside.

    2. Select Project > Add Netlist > Import Netlist...

    3. Change Files of type: to HSpice Netlist Files (native) (*.sp;*.inc).

    4. Navigate to, and select your netlist file, and click Open.

  4. Edit the schematic copy, to use the native netlist model.

    1. Use Shift +click to select all instances of the SUBCKT blocks referring to the model.

    2. Right-click on one of them, and select Properties...

    3. Click on the value of the NET parameter, and use the pull-down to select the native netlist model you just imported.

    4. Click OK.

  5. Compare the measurements made on the new schematic using HSPICE with the measurements on the original schematic.

    1. Optionally copy the graph with the measurements (in the Project browser, drag and drop it on the Graphs node).

    2. Copy each measurement in the graph by dragging and dropping the measurement on it's own graph node (one level above it). Now edit the copy of the measurement by setting Data Source to the copied schematic, and Simulator to HSPICE.

  6. Simulate.

The native model is sent to HSPICE unmodified, so the measurements on the schematic using the native model will be made as if everything was done in HSPICE, without translation.