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The file contains a copy the 3D EM Elements library available on our web-based library. This file is used to create a local copy the the 3D EM Elements library. The local copy provides access to the library parts while you are offline or if your company’s security policies do not allow access to our web site. The limitation to the local copy is that you must re-install the local copy to get updates. The web-based libraries are updated automatically.


Install Directions

Here are the steps on how to set up the AWR software to utilize the downloaded 3D EM Elements library:

  1. Download the file listed above.  

  2. Extract the contents of the .zip file to the 3D EM Elements directory on your computer. The path to this directory is operating system dependent. To view the directory path to your directory, open AWRDE, and choose Help > Show Files/Directories from the menus. Double-click on XmlUser from the list of Directories. The 3D EM Elements directory is one of the sub directories listed in newly opened window.

  3. Restart AWRDE. A new library, AWR_local_3d_parts_xx, will show up under the Libraries node in the 3D EM Elements Browser.

Note: You should only have one version of the local 3D EM Elements installed. Remove any previous versions before installing a new version.

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