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When importing a DXF or GDS layout into AWRDE, you get "The cells in this library contain coordinates that are beyond 32-bits integer range in nanometer unit" error message, as shown in attached picture:


AWRDE's layout environment uses nanometers as the internal database unit, with these nm units represented in 32-bit precision integers. The error is happening because some or all of the layout is outside the numerical range which can be represented in nm units with 32-bit integers, which happens when the layout is positioned very far away from the (0, 0) origin when exported.

The solution is to open the layout in an editor, move the layout closer to the (0, 0) origin, and save the resulting file in the required layout format. This modified file should import properly into AWRDE. If the modified file gives an error, e-mail Getting AWR Technical Support with the layout file and a description of the problem.