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This project is intended to illustrate the most pertinent functionality of the AWR Design Environment that is available to power amplifier designers.  The project is a self-guided tutorial that allows engineers to step through and follow the design flow of the engineer who designed this Doherty PA. 

An example control dialog will appear once the project is downloaded and opened.  To see each step in the example click the corresponding button.  Each step in the demo is self documenting and will have a blue information box containing information about what step the design is in, any actions to be taken to illustrate the analysis, and notes on what is being achieved in the design step.  Some steps may have grey boxes, which call attention to items mentioned in any actions or important notes about the step.

Some of the steps in the design are interactive; dragging markers or tuning different variables illustrates what was being analyzed during the design step.  The interactive bits are called out as Actions in the blue information boxes and will describe what to change in the project.

To download and open the project, make sure guide is enabled (Help > Enable Guided Help) and click the button below.

To provide feedback on this interactive demo, please contact the AWR Product Marketing team.