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Starting in version 15, you will need a license feature to run simulated load pull and view results from swept load pull files.     

If you simulate and see messages like these below, this is the issue.   Any measurement starting with "G_" now requires this feature.   

To fix this issue, you will need to start the AWR Design Environment with a LPL-100 license feature.    Here are some suggestions on working through the problem. 

Check for the License Feature

If you have access to your license file, search the file for the LPL-100 feature to make sure it exists.   If you don't have access, check with your license administrator to see if the feature exists.   

Since this is a new feature in V15, some products that customers own will automatically include this feature, including:  MWO-226, MWO-228, MWO-246, MWO-248, MWO-266, MWO-286 or MWO-288.   If you would like to add this feature to your configuration, please contact your location sales representative.

Start the AWRDE with this Feature

There are various ways that features are checked when starting the software.   If you start up and see a dialog like this, 

Make sure you have the LPL-100 feature checked.    

If you do not see this dialog when you start, please select File > License > Feature_Setup from the menus and you will get this dialog.   Make sure to select the LPL-100 feature and then you can configure the software to Always run with the selected features, Prompt for features when the application is run.  You can also make a desktop shortcut top run with the selected features from the Create Desktop Shortcut button

If you don't see LPL-100 in this list, it means your license file does not contain that feature.