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Do you have a library for surface mount components that take into account parasitic, substrate and pad effects?


Modelithics has released several libraries for AWR that not only take into account the typical parasitic effects, but also take into account the substrate and pads on which these components are mounted. The advantage of these models is that they tend to be more accurate at higher frequencies than those typically available from vendors themselves.

  • CLR: A library for capacitors, inductors, and resistors.

  • NLD: A library for nonlinear diode models.

  • NLT: A library for nonlinear transistor models.

  • SLC: A library for system level components.

Please see their website, listed below, for more details on the thousands of commercially available vendor components represented as high-accuracy simulation models in the Modelithics Library.

The Modelithics Library is not part of the standard AWR software package. It can be purchased as an added tool offering models with substrate scalability, accurate parasitic effects simulation, and many other powerful features. There is a free sample library, Modelithics SELECT+, that is available for download from the Modelithics website. Once loaded, you will find these parts in the Libraries section of the elements tab.

For more information, please see the Modelithics website: