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What NXP (previous Freescale) LDMOS models are available for AWR?


NXP develops these models for the AWR Design Environment. These models are available from the NXP website. The models that AWR developed in the past (for previously Freescale) are still available directly in the software. All the new models developed by NXP are only available on NXP website. If you do not find the desired model in AWR Library then go to the NXP website to see if it's available there. You need to register on the NXP website in order to download the models. Use the following link for the list of models available for AWR Design Environment on Freescale website and see the Documentation section for the installation instruction on how to use them.

NXP models for AWR Design Environment available from NXP website

NXP will also provide any requested LDMOS models from those that are available in the METLDMOS model format. Some of their older parts are restricted to the Root model (obsolete) which is not explicitly supported nor recommended by AWR.

NXP will only re-implement LDMOS models using METLDMOS if there is enough customer demand. If you want access to these models and/or have problem with them please contact NXP RF Support