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What's New with PCB Import and EM Analysis?

  • Quickly cut out the RF sections of the PCB and setup EM analysis
    • Smart selection wizard automatically avoids power/ground nets selection and selects through series components to easily select all the desired nets and component pins of interest
    • Shape cutout and transfer to EM is a breeze with improved clipping algorithms and copy to EM commands 
    • Cleanup and simplify shapes with the new Shape Simplification tool
    • Automatically add new, EM PCB ports to all the desired pin locations
  • Simulate PCB layout faster than ever with AXIEM meshing improvements
  • Efficiently manage large EM subcircuits with pin names based on component IDs  and pin numbers(i.e. R24.1, R24.2, etc.)

Examples and Video

Download the PCB EM Setup Wizard

This more complex example shows the import and EM analysis setup with a small section of a large board.  Smart net selection, layout clip regions, the new shape simplification tools, and automatically adding EM ports are all demonstrated.  Test drive the project.

This simple example shows the import and EM analysis setup with a small, RF board.  Automatic PCB EM ports added to component pin locations and using component IDs and pin numbers for EM port names are illustrated  The project can be downloaded here: PCB_EM_Setup_Simple.emz


Where do I learn more about PCB EM Verification flow enhancements

How do I get the PCB EM Setup Wizard or learn more about it?
PCB EM Setup Wizard Overview page.

How do I know what values to use for the shape Simplification Properties dialog?

 Click to see documentation...

The Layout > Copy to EM Structure command will first ask for the name and simulator for the EM structure and then the Simplification Properties dialog. This dialog controls how the shapes are cleaned up when copied from the Circuit Schematic Layout to the EM Structure.

To properly set the value in the dialog measure the smallest path width and smallest component pad corner radius (almost all PCB component pads have the same corner radius) in the section of the PCB being sent to EM.

  • The Maximum deformation should be set to 1/5th to 1/10th of the smallest path width (adjust as needed)
  • The Maximum radius fillets should be set to the smallest component pad corner radius.
  • The Minimum path width should be set to the smallest path width.