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What does the Phased Array Generator Offer?

  • Create Phased Array/MIMO designs using an interactive graphical interface
    • Define array geometry using one of the standard configurations or a custom one
    • Configure specific RF links and antenna characteristics for all, groups of, or individual elements in the array  
    • Define standard or custom gain tapers
    • Investigate the impact of element failures on the array performance
    • Display the array response (radiation pattern) and observe how it changes with various design choices
  • Generate VSS designs for the phased array, which can then be used for more detailed simulations using the full suite of measurements, or used as part of a larger system
    • Create a model of the designed phased array using a PHARRAY_F block and automatically create its configuration file
    • Create a hierarchical structure that models the designed phased array as a set of system diagrams that model and configures all the individual elements of the array, their RF links and antenna elements
    • Create a similar hierarchical structure that implements the array using a set of circuit schematics and creates an EM structure for the phased array

Examples and Video

This simple example illustrates a simple 4x4 phased array. The design starts with defining an EM structure for the antenna elements, calculating its radiation pattern and using them for the phased array. A rectangular lattice design is selected, the RF links are defined and assigned to the array elements, along with the antenna element radiation pattern. A Dolph-Chebychev gain taper is selected to provide an array response with reduced sidelobe level.  Test drive the project.


How do I use the Phased Array Generator?

The documentation for the Phased Array Generator can be found here.