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I need to set the initial HSPICE simulation voltage (voltage at time=0) for one or more nodes in the circuit


The solution described below only applies to AWRDE Version 14 and older. As of AWRDE Version 15, HSPICE is no longer a feature.

The native HSPICE netlist model "IC" sets the initial (time=0) voltage of a node to the desired value for HSPICE transient simulations.  Step by step instructions:

  1. Right-click Netlists
  2. Select New Netlist
  3. Check the box for HSPICE file (native).
  4. Enter a name (e.g. IC) & click OK
  5. Copy the text of the HSPICE netlist in this project into the window
    .subckt IC 1 V=0
    .IC V(1)=V
  6. Close the window.
  7. Click on the schematic window
  8. Select Draw > Add Subcircuit
  9. Select your IC model.
  10. Place it in the schematic.
  11. Double click it.
  12. Select the Symbol tab.
  13. You can use the default or the custom symbol. In this example we choose ElectNet@system.syf symbol because it's relatively smaller than the others
  14. Click OK.
  15. Connect to the desired node.
  16. Set the V parameter to the desired voltage.
  17. This can be simulated with HSPICE only so use HSPICE Trans as the simulator