The procedure for requesting AWR support has changed. Please read all about the new AWR product support process.
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I downloaded the AWRDE installer but having problem installing it successfully. We have seen following issues

  • The installation process does not get past the following window

  • AWRDE gets installed but when I start the software, I get an error like the following:



The software installer files can get modified or corrupted when you download them. We have seen problems where the IT department’s firewall and/or virus software was corrupting the installer.

To verify that the AWRDE installer files have not been tampered with, you can verify the signature of the files yourself. Digital signatures are only available in AWRDE install files starting with version 7.53 and may not include 3rd party downloads (flexLM, testwave, etc.) that we provide.

  1. Right click the downloaded file and choose Properties in windows explorer
  2. Go to Digital Signatures tab, select what is listed under Signature List and click Details
  3. Verify that the signer Name is AWR Corporation and the digital signature is valid as shown below

  4. If the installer files are corrupted you'll see something like below in Digital Signature Details window or Digital Signature tab will not be available