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In the AWR environment, I click on the Elements tab in the project browser, and open the list for Circuit Elements or System Blocks, and I do not see Libraries node listed at the bottom of the list.


There could be two reasons why the libraries won't show up:

Reason One:

If the software cannot find the files necessary to define these libraries, this node will not appear

From the main menu, select Options > Environment Options... and click on the File Locations tab.

If there is an entry under Library Directory, that folder must contain the lib.xml and libschema.xml library files. These files are installed in the Library folder under the AWR installation folder; usually: C:\Program Files (x86)\AWR\AWRDE\<AWRDE Version>\Library

When Library Directory is left blank, it points to this location by default.

Reason Two:

The vendor libraries need Internet Explorer to show up. So if you have uninstalled Internet Explorer or don't have it, you need to install it to be able to see the vendor libraries.