The procedure for requesting AWR support has changed. Please read all about the new AWR product support process.

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On April 13, 2020 Cadence started delivering floating licenses for AWR software from its systems.  The Cadence generated licenses for AWR differ significantly from the AWR generated ones many customers are used to seeing.  This article attempts to explain some of the differences.

Floating Licenses on Virtual Machines

If your floating license server runs on a virtual machine, you will need to provide your Account Manager with the HOSTID of the system as well as signed documents and additional system information to obtain your license file.  As part of the transition to Cadence, you will need to provide this information even if you did not need to previously. 

For details, please see:

Look at the section Cadence Virtual Machine License server.

Note: The link contains two binaries for Windows and LINUX. After you have completed the formalities with Cadence, run this utility, which creates two files that you need to send to Cadence. The name of the utility is mfp and creates fingerprint parameters of your system that will be used to generate the license file. The most important and unavoidable aspect here is that your VM server must be connected to a domain.

License Delivery

You will notice that the Cadence generated license file will be delivered in 2 separate emails.  One is a control file which is currently unused and can be ignored.  The control file mentions InstallScape which is a tool to help with the installation of Cadence products.  AWR products are not currently supported in InstallScape and it should not be used.  The second is the license file which, aside from a lot of comments will be similar to the AWR generated license file.

License Duration

AWR generated license files historically were for a 1-year duration.  The files generated from Cadence will: for time-based licenses be for the full term of the license; for perpetual licenses be for 4-years (due to a limit in AWRDE).

License Vendor Daemon

AWR products continue to use the awrd licensing daemon (awrd.exe) for version 15 and earlier licenses. Version 16.0 of the AWR Design Environment uses the cdslmd licenses daemon for floating licenses and sometime in the future for locked licenses.  

Download all of the necessary files from: Where can I get the latest FLEXLM utilities for the AWRDE

Floating License Port Number

Cadence issued license files use 5280 as the default port number as shown below.   

SERVER MyServer aaaaaaaaaa 5280

If you have been a customer for a while, AWR would have issued the floating license and used a default port of 27007.   You can edit this port number in the license file.  If you have users that have connected to the license server using a different port number, the easiest way to fix this would be to edit the license file port number to match what you were using before.   

Software Support

Support is available at Cadence Online Support.  Please create a Cadence support account if you do not have one as AWR has migrated to this system; instructions are at: Getting AWR Technical Support.  Once you have a Cadence support account you will also be able to download AWR products from the Cadence website.


The license file contains a COSLITE_ACCESS feature. If you get the lastest Flexm utilities, you will find cdslmd.exe. If that file is in the same directory as awrd.exe, everything will work just fine.

DAEMON cdslmd ./cdslmd 

        VENDOR_STRING=DDDDDDD DUP_GROUP=SITE vendor_info=27-apr-2020 \
        ISSUER=CDNSd123456789abcdefghij123456789ab ISSUED=27-apr-2020 \
        SN=2020-04-27T10:28:52.454 SIGN2="1234 EEEE ABCD 1234 ABCD 1234\
        1234 EEEE ABCD 1234 ABD 1234 EEEE ABCD 1234 ABD 1234 EEEE ABCD \
        1234 EEEE ABCD 1234 ABD 1234 EEEE ABCD 1234 ABD 1234 EEEE ABCD \
        AB12" V7.1_LK=ABCD1234ABCD1234

License File Extension

The Cadence license files come with a .txt extension.  If this doesn't work for you, you should try changing to a .lic extension.  This way the file is same as when delivered from AWR.  

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