The procedure for requesting AWR support has changed. Please read all about the new AWR product support process.
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Before starting the troubleshooting process, ensure that your software is correctly installed. See the AWRDE Installation Guide for more information. How To Avoid Problems Viewing PDF Files In License Troubleshooter.

If you only need the FLEXlmTM drivers, go here:  Where can I get the latest FLEXLM utilities for the AWRDE

This troubleshooter helps you identify and solve any problems you may have when starting the AWR Design Environment (AWRDE) software. Each step of the troubleshooter asks a question. Click on the link for your chosen answer to progress to the next step of the troubleshooting process, or simply follow the directions that accompany your answer.

This document is constantly changing as we find new solutions or problems. To provide feedback on the troubleshooter content please send an email to Getting AWR Technical Support with your comments.

Note: This troubleshooter references license file versions for AWRDE 12. The issues still apply to AWRDE 11, AWRDE 10, AWR2010, AWR2009, AWR2008, AWR2007 and AWR2006; you just need to know the proper license version number for those releases:

  • AWRDE 15 is license version 15.0
  • AWRDE 14 is license version 14.0
  • AWRDE 13 is license version 13.0
  • AWRDE 12 is license version 12.0. The license file still says awrd 11.0 but it is different from license version 11.0 in that the VENDOR_STRING section indicates 12.0 as shown

    INCREMENT MWO_226 awrd 11.0 15-dec-2015 1 VENDOR_STRING="F:Cust# \
        1111:ABCD, Inc. - Los Angeles Group:AWR - AWR:RP=10683:V12"
  • AWRDE 11 is license version 11.0

  • AWRDE 10 is license version 10.0

  • AWR2010 is license version 9.5

  • AWR2009 is license version 9.0

  • AWR2008 is license version 8.0

  • AWR2007 is license version 7.5

  • AWR2006 is license version 1.7

What type of license do you have?

Purchased License - Customers with Valid Purchased License

Evaluation License - Customers evaluating the software before purchasing and University License Users

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