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Many customers run the AWRDE software at work on a laptop in a docked configuration using a node-locked license. When they undock and attempt to run the software on the undocked laptop, some have reported getting the error message:

Most locked license files use an Ethernet address, provided by the customer, as the value of HOSTID. However, it is possible for a laptop to have one Ethernet address when docked and another Ethernet address when undocked. It is also possible for this to happen when running on a battery rather than using a power cord. For this reason, we recommend that customers enable the Wireless Network Connection and provide the "wireless Ethernet address" when requesting a license file. The steps for enabling the Wireless Network Connection are provided later in this document.

To determine your MAC address, follow the instructions under Using the Command Prompt on this page: How to determine your HostID number

  1. Using the Wi-Fi or Wireless Network Connection, also known as "wireless MAC address" or "wireless Ethernet address", is less likely to result in one HOSTID when docked and another HOSTID when undocked. Because of this, it is recommended that you use the "wireless MAC address" when providing a HOSTID for a license file.

If your PC is equipped for Wi-Fi, but you do not see a Physical Address listed under Wireless Network Connection after completing the steps in the How to determine your HostID number page, it may be because Wireless Network Connection is disabled. You can enable your Wireless Network Connection from the Control Panel, by using the following steps:

  1. Click the Windows Start menu, type control panel, and press Enter, or select Control Panel from the menu.

  2. Depending on your version of Windows, click on Network and Internet > Network and Sharing Center > Change adapter Settings

    or double-click on Network Connections.

  3. If the status of Wi-Fi or Wireless Internet Connection is Disabled, then right-click on it and enable it.

You can now determine your Wireless Network Connection Physical Address using the steps on How to determine your HostID number. Note that you do not have to be connected to the internet to determine your "wireless MAC address". The only requirement is the Wireless Network Connection must be enabled. If you provided the address listed for Ethernet or Local Area Connection at the time of registration and would like to use the address listed for Wi-Fi or Wireless Network Connection for your license file, please complete the Transfer form, and fax it to the number provided. How To Avoid Problems Viewing PDF Files In License Troubleshooter

It is also possible to use a Volume Serial Number, also known as a Disk Serial Number (DSN), also described on the How to determine your HostID number page.

Again, if you need to tie your HOSTID to a Disk Serial Number rather than Ethernet address, please complete the Transfer form, and fax it to the number provided. How To Avoid Problems Viewing PDF Files In License Troubleshooter

An advantage of using the Disk Serial Number rather than Ethernet address is that it will not change when you undock the computer. A potential disadvantage is that, should you ever need to re-install your operating system, your Disk Serial Number may change so your license file will not work. On the other hand, a disadvantage of providing the Ethernet address rather than Disk Serial Number is that you could potentially have two different Ethernet addresses depending on whether you are docked or undocked so your license may not work. Becasue of this, it is best to provide the "wireless MAC address" using an Ethernet address.

If you continue to have license problems, please send an e-mail to Getting AWR Technical Support and mention you are having trouble running AWRDE software on an undocked laptop using a locked license file.

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