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The awrd.awrlic license file type is used commonly for university, evaluation, and training license files to simplify the license and feature setup of the software.

If you have installed AWRDE Version 11.0 or higher, the easiest way to use this license is to double click on the license (either from your computer or your email) after you have installed the software. This will copy the license file to the correct location and configure all of the features contained in that file, and start up the software for you to use.

For various reasons you might want to manually configure your license file including:

  • You are using a version prior to V11.

  • You prefer to configure your license manually.

  • You are directed by AWR's technical staff to configure the license this way.

To configure the license this way, you need to rename the file from "awrd.awrlic" to "awrd.lic". The most common mistake people make is that they have their computer configured to not show file extensions for known file types. Since the .awrlic file extension gets registered with the AWRDE installation, this extension will not display. Then people see a file awrd on their computer and then edit this file to be awrd.lic . The problem is that this actually changes the file to awrd.lic.awrlic. In order to rename this file properly, the easiest thing is to not hide extensions for known file types. For Windows 7 and Windows 8 (To search the Start menu in Windows 8 click the Windows button and then click the magnifying glass in the upper right corner), the easiest way to do this is:

See How do I view all file extensions on directions how to change settings for extensions.  

Once you have displayed the extensions, the file on your computer shown now display the full filename, and example is shown below.

Now that the file has been properly renamed, follow the directions Configuring your locked license file on the options for configuring your newly renamed license file awrd.lic.

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