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You can get the Windows FLEXlm utilities from various locations including:

These utilities are used for setting up floating licenses, debugging floating license installations, and installing hardware key drivers.

FLEXlm utilities are backward-compatible, so the latest version of the flex tools and daemons on the AWR website works for all* versions of the AWRDE.

To use a floating license server with V16 of the AWR Design Environment you must use >= v11.14.1.0 of the cdslmd daemon

To use a floating license server with V15 and earlier versions of the AWR Design Environment, you must use >= v11.15.1.0 of the awrd daemon. 

*all - meaning all version of the AWR Design Environment that use the awrd daemon. AWR began using the awrd daemon in AWR V7.0 in the year 2004.

How to update old FLEXLM utilities

  1. Stop the server. Start the current lmtools.exe. Go to Start/Stop/Reread tab, select your AWR server and click Stop Server button. You can use the command line syntax if you are familiar with them.
  2. Replace the old Flexlm files with the new ones. These files are located in \Windows\Flex_Tools folder after you unzip the FLEXlm Utilities Download.
  3. Start lmtools.exe
  4. Go to Config Services tab and make sure everything looks good. The new lmtools always pick up the setting from the old one but double check to make sure.
  5. Start the server from Start/Stop/Reread tab