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GetFilePath () returns a full path to a file. If we want a path to a folder instead, we can always use the GetFilePath() command, have the user pick any file in the target folder, and then manipulate the file path to get the parent folder. The following code returns the folder path directly and provides a cleaner interface to the user:

Code Snippets

 Option Explicit Sub Main
      Dim FO, currFolder  As Object      
      Set FO =  CreateObject( "Scripting.FileSystemObject")
      Set currFolder = BrowseForFolder(FO)
      If currFolder  Is Nothing Then          
         MsgBox( "BrowseForFolder failed to get a folder",vbOkOnly, "Error Window")
         Debug. Print "Selected Folder = " & currFolder.Name
      End If 
End Sub 

'BrowseForFolder returns a FileSystemObject folder
Public Function BrowseForFolder(FO  As Object)  As Object      
      Dim selectedFolder  As Object     
      'Need to add reference: Microsoft Shell Controls And Automation
      Dim shlShell  As Shell32.Shell
      Dim shlFolder  As Shell32.Folder
      If shlShell  Is Nothing Then           
         Set shlShell =  New Shell32.Shell
      End If
      Set shlFolder = shlShell.BrowseForFolder(Me.hWnd,  "Select a Directory", BIF_RETURNONLYFSDIRS)
      If shlFolder  Is Nothing Then          
         MsgBox( "Error getting folder",vbOkOnly, "Error")
         Set BrowseForFolder =  Nothing      
         Set selectedFolder = FO.GetFolder(shlFolder.Items.Item.Path)
         Set BrowseForFolder = selectedFolder
      End If 
End Function


Strictly for example purposes, this code simply prints the target folder information to the "Immediate" window (using Debug.Print). In a real application, you would change this to use the folder path as needed in your program.

The comment near the top of the BrowseForFolder() function is critical. To use the file systems objects, you must add a reference for the "Microsoft Shell Controls and Automation" library. To get this dialog, go to EDIT→REFERENCES on the scripting editor menu and check the box for the indicated library.