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This space contains information for developers of Visual Basic scripts in AWRDE. This is a landing page for users developing scripts and wizards for the AWR Design Environment. There are many resources on this page including the_API Coding FAQ.

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Just Getting Started?

If you're new to scripting in AWR, you should try out our Scripting Getting Started guide.

You can also view the Scripting Users Guide which will walk your step by step through creating your first script and then onto accessing all the information in a project. This is available from the help within the AWRDE, select he following table and find the section called "API Scripting Guide". This is also available for download as a pdf file from the AWR download website.

For example you'll learn how to:

  • add elements to a schematic

  • collect and change element parameters

  • create graphs, measurements and access measurement data

  • work with em structures

  • collect and create layout shapes

  • and much, much more…

See the Scripting Development Environment page for documentation on the Scripting Development Environment that is included with the AWRDE.

The AWR Design Environment Sax Basic documentation, AWR_Sax_Basic.pdf. This is to document the Sax Basic commands and anyone getting started will need this reference.

You may also be able to find a script that already does just what you want. 

We also have a course we teach on scripting. Here is an example (Rt-Click and Save As "Scripting.pdf") of the material that is covered in the course.

API Diagram

AWR Version 14

The API diagram can help users understand the structure of the API to be more productive.  Get the diagram as a.pdf

AWR Version 13

The API diagram can help users understand the structure of the API to be more productive.  Get the diagram as a.pdf

Already an Experienced Scripter?

If you're regularly writing scripts you'll need:

  • The Code Snippet page ( _API Coding FAQ ) is loaded with info and is a must read.

  • The API Reference Guide which describes all API functions data members.

  • The AWR Design Environment Sax Basic documentation has information about language not pertaining to specific functionality in AWR, as well as information about the scripting IDE: AWR_Sax_Basic.pdf.

If you're trying to control MWO from other programming languages

Then you'll want to look at:

If you're having problems

There are some tips if you're having some issues with scripting

  • If intellisense is not working (this is the name completion while editing scripts) then you need to re-register sb6ent.ocx. In a command prompt change directories to your install directory and type "regsvr32 sb6ent.ocx".

  • Please see this article for more details including additional steps for Windows 7.

  • Sometimes when you open any scripting window to edit the code, it appears that there is no code there. The lower window where the code is stored looks gray and you don't see any text.

    • This is caused by the font set for the scripting environment to be set to something large, in the case we saw, it was set to 900. Setting this font back to something reasonable fixed the problem.

      1. Open the Scripting Editor

      2. Select "Edit > Font" from the menus

      3. From the dialog that comes up, set the font size to 12.

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