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This Test Bench project shows a non-linear test bench for a feedback oscillator where the OSCAPROBE is placed inbetween the negative resistance generation and the resonator portions of the circuit.  It is recommended that linear oscillation analysis be performed on your circuit before using this test bench.

Also, please see TESTBENCH_Oscillator_Linear_Admittance_Analysis and TESTBENCH_Oscillator_Split_Generator_Tank for an alternative testbench for oscillator analysis.

This test bench includes:


  • Oscillator_Nonlinear_Joined_Generator_Tank_Display - embeds all graphs into one display

  • Oscillator_Nonlinear_Joined_Generator_Tank - the test bench setup.  Includes notes on where to change settings specific to your design



Project Folders

  • Oscillator_Nonlinear_Joined_Generator_Tank - Folder containing all the schematics, graphs and equations for this project. 

Importing the Test Bench

If you are unable to import the test bench automatically by clicking the Import test bench button above, click How To Import Test Benches Manually to do that manually.