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A new measurement in V15 helps determine if components will be damaged because of too much power at the input.

Each component specifies a maximum input power as shown below as a user attribute (highlighted in blue).  

Notice the input power of the source is 0 dBm.  The first amplifier has a gain of 10 dB.   The second amplifier has a PIN_MAX of 8, which is the maximum input power before damage.  In this chain, the 2nd amplifier would be damaged.   

The DAMAGE measurement plots the difference between the input power and the PIN_MAX values as shown. 

Because the value at the input to the second amplifier is negative, this means the input power is too high to operate the amplifier safely.

The measurement isn't -2 dB because the P1dB of the first amplifier is 10 dBm. If the P1dB is higher then the measurement would be exactly -2 dB.

Additionally, the system diagram will highlight components where PIN_MAX is exceeded.  Notice the red box around the 2nd amplifier.