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The Element Selection Tool allows you to select all items on the active schematic that match specified criteria. To access this dialog box, with a schematic window active, choose Edit > Select Tool. This dialog box is mode-less, so you can view it while continuing to work in the design environment.

For example, lets say you wanted to change the substrate definition for all the MLIN elements in your schematic.   With your schematic the active window, select Edit > Select Tool.

You would then type "Mlin" in the Name field and have the Action set to "Add" to add to the current selection and hit the Select button. 

You can see each MLIN model is now selected in the schematic.  

The click the Edit button to then be able to edit the model parameters for all the selected models. 

Finally you would edit the MSUB parameter in the dialog to edit all of the selected elements.   

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