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Starting in V15, the AWR Design Environment software supports a two-click entry mode for defining a draw or view window. In this mode, you click once to start a draw or view window, and click a second time to define the window size, rather then holding down the mouse button and dragging to define the window.

For example if you were drawing a rectangle in layout, you would select your layer and select the command to draw the rectangle.  In the layout window, you would click with the mouse to start the first point and then drag and release the mouse when the proper size rectangle was drawn.   In this mode, you define the same region with two mouse clicks.  This might take a little bit to get used to but we think once you do, you fill find it a more comfortable and intuitive mouse click experience..   

This mode is Off by default.   Select Options > Environment options, select the Mouse tab and set the Entry mode setting to Two Click as shown below.