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To run this script

Select Scripts > Project > Archive_Project from the Menus.

Or, in versions that support the script, you can run the utility directly from this page using this button.


This script archives the project by saving it with any external file dependencies (including PDKs), changing external file paths to relative file paths ("./<file name>"), and converting any linked files to imported files. This script is commonly used to send the project in it's entirety to another person or AWR support without having to send any external files separately. When the script is run, the dialog below will be displayed.

The script has the following features:

  • If your project is not saved before running the script, you will be prompted to save before continuing.
  • Dry run option is well explained in the dialog box
  • Demo project option won't add files such as log file, AppDataUser files, user.ini to archive
  • Compact archive won't include the  PDK docs
  • Skip AppDataUser files option will exclude the files in AppDataUser folder
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