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AWR Versions

This script will only work properly with the AWRDE versions 13.02 and higher.  If you run in 13.0 or 13.01, you will get the error below. You will need to upgrade to run this script.  

Please check your version before running the script.  The easiest way is from the Help > About menu.   See the highlighted text below. 

To run this utility in V13+, enable guided help (Help > Enable Guided Help), download the project and then run the script using the buttons below.

Or download and open this project, and run the script manually (Scripts > Check License Dongle > Check Dongle Type)


This script determines the type of a license dongle.  The output of the script is a text file called Dongle_Detector_Log_SN_XXX.txt" where XXX corresponds to the license serial number being used.  More details on why it matters what type a dongle is can be found here: HASP4 No Longer Supported After V13

Use Model

The method the script uses to detect the type of a flex license dongle requires that only one dongle be plugged at a given time when the key is checked.

  1. Insert a single license dongle
  2. Press the Check Key button on the dialog.  It may take a little while to run.
  3. Repeat this for every dongle you wish to check.  Dongles and their types will be added to the checked dongle list.
  4. Click Finish when you are done.
  5. It will generate a text file that contains all of the dongles and their types next to the project it was run from.

Below is a sample log file from the script.

Dongle Detector Log
MWOffice Version: 13.02r full build 8379 Rev1 (105022)
Script Version 1.0
Date:7/7/2017 10:10:42 AM
FLEXID=9-08f2e9d8:HASP 4
FLEXID=9-46b254a0:HASP HL

Number of Keys Checked: 2

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