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This script attempts to read spice (.model) or spectre (model) model card in to the schematic.

Before running the scripts, the user is required to tailor the file that it only contains the model (.model or model). 

The script then maps the input models to the closest AWR model and generate error messages if a model or a parameter is not recognized. If the model is not recognized, user can edit the model file, and change the “name” of the model (right after “.model” or "model)) to be the same as the appropriate MWO model name

The user should always verify the model accuracy after the parameter read. 


Make an schematic window active, the imported model will show up in the active schematic.

Select Scripts >Models > Circuit Model Parameter Read from the Menus.

Upon running the utility, the following dialog box displays asking you to choose a model file.

After reading, the model will show up in the schematic. A log file is also generated with details of the parameters read.

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