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To run this script

Select Scripts > Layout > Display_GDS_Library_Hierarchy from the Menus.

Or, in versions that support the script, you can run the utility directly from this page using this button.


This utility will prompt the user to select a GDSII library from existing libraries loaded in the current project and a filename to write the results:

The utility will collect up the information and then open a new text file in the AWRDE with the results. By default it will display the cell names in the project as shown below.

The additional option Dump out information about the instances also? will show any cell instances (hierarchy) used in this cell. For example, if this same library is run with this same options, the results display as shown below.

What the output means is that in the "FET1" GDSII cell, there is one instance of the "fet1pads" cell from the "awr_mmic" library and 6 instances of the "GateFinger" cell from the "awr_mmic" library.

Notice the name of the text file in the library is the same name as entered in the dialog. If this file exists when the script is run, the contents will be replaced with the new data. You should export the file or rename if you want to keep a history from the script being run.