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To run this script

Select Scripts > EM > Create_Stackup from the Menus.

Or, in versions that support the script, you can run the utility directly from this page using this button.


This utility creates a STACKUP block from an MSUB or SSUB block. A STACKUP block is needed for extraction and this utility helps by configuring the STACKUP to have the same dielectric and material properties as the substrate definition. The MSUB and SSUB can be local or global. A schematic must be the active window when the script is run to see the dialog below.

The settings are:

  • Select Substrate: Schematics can have multiple possible substrates, you must select the one you want.

  • Grid: Setting for approximate mesh size.

  • Union Shapes: Should shapes be unioned together when creating the extraction EM document?

  • Auto Ports: Should AXIEM use Auto Ports? This rarely will be turned off.

  • Lossy ground plane(s): Should the ground plane use the same conductivity as the substrate or use a perfect conductor?

Below is a sample schematic before the script is run.

Below is same schematic after the script is run.