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To run this script

Select Scripts > Graphs > Graph_Format_Traces from the Menus.

Or, in versions that support the script, you can run the utility directly from this page using this button.


This script will modify the properties of all the traces the active graph. Below is a picture of the dialog window that shows up after the script is run:

Use the Apply button to make the current changes without the dialog closing.

The groups on the dialog include:

  1. Trace Thickness: Moves the trace thickness up or down by one setting.

  2. Symbol Interval: Changes the graph setting for what interval to use for the symbols or turn them off.

  3. Direction Markers: For Smith or polar graphs, controls if direction markers are displayed.

  4. Legend: Controls if the graph legend is displayed and what content is on the legend.

  5. Border: Controls if the background color for the graph is gray or white.

  6. Parameter Markers: If there is swept simulation, controls if swept parameter markers are on the graph.

  7. Y-Axis Label Text: For rectangular graphs, has some common axis labels including "Power (dBm)" "Current (mA)" "Voltage (V)" that can be on the right or left axis.