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This video is located in the E-Learning repository, not in KnowledgeBase.

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This four-part video shows you some ways to set up your EM simulation more effectively and some advanced tools in Microwave Office software that make it easier to run EM simulations.

  • Part 1 - you’ll learn how to use the process creator tool to automate the process of creating a STACKUP block for an EM project and how to create and use a PDK library.
  • Part 2 - explains data sets, which are files where data is stored in AXIEM and Analyst EM simulators, and how to use a data set in a circuit schematic as a subcircuit.
  • In Part 3 - you’ll learn how to change shape properties and layout using parameterization, as well as how to create EM-based models and run EM optimization.  Setting up variable sweeping with an EM schematic is explained. You’ll use the variable tuner tool to both tune and optimize your EM model. You’ll also learn about an alternative method of creating shapes using preconfigured PCells that are controlled by parameters.
  • Part 4 - demonstrates an alternative way to create EM projects through EM extraction and an extraction flow example is demonstrated that shows how to do this.

The entire video is approximately 1 hour in length.

This video appears in the E-Learning table of contents as:

New users and/or Core Curriculum - EM Advanced Features