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This video is located in the E-Learning repository, not in KnowledgeBase.

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This four-part video introduces AntSyn™ automated antenna synthesis software.

  • Part 1 - describes the software and how antenna specs can be input and synthesized to produce an antenna design. AntSyn key features are highlighted and a demonstration of how the software works is provided.
  • Part 2 - uses a WiFi antenna example to demonstrate how to use AntSyn software to specify frequency, input, gain, polarization and geometry, and library elements, and how to select the quality level and run.
  • Part 3 - explains how to export the WiFi antenna results to AXIEM planar EM simuilator, set simulation options, and simulate.
  • Part 4 - explains how to import an AntSyn file into AWR Design Environment software, set simulation options, and simulate in Analyst 3D finite element method (FEM) simulator.

The entire video is approximately 1 hour in length.

This video appears in the E-Learning table of contents as:

Experienced User and/or Specialized Curriculum - Antenna Synthesis