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The attached file (pdf format) contains the slides and notes for the "webinar" given by Dr. John Dunn for Applied Wave Research on December 13, 2005. The archived video can be viewed by downloading the zip archive, located at:


EM Simulation: A Look Under the Hood - Part 1

Electromagnetic simulation is becoming a critical component of successful design by providing accurate S parameter models for critical parts of the circuit, where existing models are suspect or missing. It is also possible to obtain misleading answers if the designer does not understand the underlying physical and mathematical concepts behind electromagnetic solvers. In this webinar, the method of moments algorithm used by EMSight is explained (the built-in solver in Microwave Office). Emphasis is placed on the assumptions used in meshing, and Green's function concepts.

Examples will be given of common problems resulting from misunderstanding these issues.

The second part of this series can be found as article: 185258.