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Select Help > Open Examples... from the menus and type either the example name listed above or one of the keywords below.

Or in Version 13 or higher you can open the project directly from this page using this button. Make sure to select the Enable Guided Help before clicking this button.

Bi-directional RF Link Analysis

This example illustrates the use of bi-directional RF blocks in VSS. TX and RX RF chains are constructed and a circulator is used to link them. An RF switch is used to switch between the transmit antenna path and the receiver front end. RF Budget measurements are created and they are updated based on the setting of the switch. The tuner is used to switch between the TX and RX and when this is done the TX and RX measurements are updated automatically.

When the tuner sets variable SWPOS to 1, the receiver measurements are automatically updated; in this case, the transmitter measurements are not valid. Similarly, when SWPOS is set to 2, the transmitter measurements are updated automatically and the receiver measurements may be ignored.