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The AWR Design Environment comes with over 400 examples projects.   These are to help users see what is possible and how to do specific types of simulations.   The AWR knowledgebase has one page per example provided to preview the example before you open it.   Each page will have a description of the example and images that help explain what is in the example.  Some sample images below for a power amplifier design.  

Each page will also have a button to either download or open the project.   You can click the button to easily get that project open in the AWR Design Environment if you are on maintenance.  Make sure to have the software open before clicking on the buttons.    As an example, the button below will open the project for the images above

The sections below have the example pages organized by topic, most viewed, and recently updated.   The side bar on this KB has the examples organized by major product line to allow browsing of the various examples.  You can can search the entire knowledgebase and filter the results to on be from these examples.   

Finding Examples in the AWR Design Environment

When you are in the AWR Design Environment, use the Help > Examples menu to find examples from the software.   The dialog that opens will filter based on the text that you type and there are many different keywords used for each example.   

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