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Design Notes

Filter Bank Design

This project illustrates how to create filter banks in VSS

The Filter Bank system diagram shows a filter bank with 4 band-pass filters. An RFSW_FRQ is used to route the signals to the appropriate filter based on their signal frequency. Another RFSW_FRQ block is used after the filters to select the signal that corresponds to the appropriate filter and pass it on to the output. This blocks is set to probe the signal at the input of the filter bank in order to identify the desired signal. The graph Filter Bank Response displays the measured frequency response of each filter and also the combined response of the filter bank.

A test bench is contructed to drive the filter bank with a modulated signal source, as shown in the system diagram Modulated Test Bench. The modulated signal frequency is switched by the VSA over a range of frequenies and the output of the filter bank shows that it is correctly tracking the signal frequency and it is internally selecting the appropriate filter. The spectra of the input and output signals are shown in the "Modulated Signals" graph.

System Diagram - Modulated Test Bench

System Diagram - Filter Bank

Graph - Modulated Signals

Graph - Filter Bank Response