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Design Notes

Sweeping Two Tone Source Tone Spacing

This project shows how to perform a 2-tone analysis and sweep the tone spacing. The traditional source for doing a two tone simulation is the PORT2 element. However, the Fdelt parameter, which defines the tone spacing, cannot be swept with traditional swept variable analysis.

SweptTwoTone Schemaic

This schematic has the setup for the 2-tone analysis for sweeping the tone spacing. Port1 is set to use Tone1 and will be used to sweep the tone spacing by setting the Frequencies for the schematic. PortF is set to use Tone2 and will be at a fixed frequency for the 2-tone analysis. The SPLIT2 and ISOL8R elements are used to combine the 2 sources to drive the circuit.

The graphs in the project show various aspects of the circuits performance such as the spectrum at the input and the output, the power in each of the two tone fundamental frequencies at the output of the circuit and the carrier to intermodulation ratios at the output of the circuit.

Schematic - SweptTwoTone

Graph - Carrier to Intermod Ratios

Graph - Spectrum