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Currently, there are two search functions used in the AWR KB.   

  • In the blue bar along the top of the page is the support global search.  This will search most all AWR content, including the KnowledgeBase, the AWR public website, and the AWR documentation.   This search field is available from any page on the KnowledgeBase.  
  • Search fields are embedded into other KB pages that will only search a smaller set of the KnowledgeBase.    

KnowlegeBase Only Search 

For example, see the Examples page with a search box for only searching through examples.   

The Confluence help page on searching syntax to help.   Confluence Search Syntax

Support Global Search 

The global search (Knowledgebase, web site, and documentation) will present its results with a list of check boxes on the left to filter results from specific areas.  Otherwise, this search acts like familiar web search engines.  If you search for more than one word, it looks for a result containing at least one match for each of the words you specified (AND search). If you search for a phrase in double quotes like "hello world", it will look for that exact phrase. You can also search for wildcards, exclude certain terms, and force an OR search:


h?llo  match words with any character in place of ?
cat*  match words beginning with the letters cat, e.g. catapult

Exclude words from search results using the - character

-dog  don't return results containing one or more matches for the word "dog"

OR Search (OR must be spelled in upper case, otherwise it is treated like any other word)

cat OR dog
cat OR "hound dog"


Full Search Reference

Terms and Quotes

Terms and phrases can be searched at query time. If your search query contains spaces or special characters, wrap the term in quotes.

Example QueryDescription
helloMatch pages that contain the term "hello"
"hello world"

Match pages that contain the phrase "hello world"

"dog=cat"Match pages with the exact expression "dog=cat"


A similarity search finds terms that are similar to the search term. To use a term in a similarity search, append the search term with a tilde ("~") symbol.

Example QueryDescription

Match pages that have terms that are similar to the term "cat" (matching terms may include "hat", "cats", "bat")


To perform wildcard searches, specify the "*" or "?" (asterisk or question mark) characters in the search term.

Example QueryDescription

Match pages that satisfy the wildcard expression "h?llo" (matching terms will include "hello", "hillo", "hallo", etc)


Match pages that satisfy the wildcard expression "cat*" (matching terms will include "cat", "cats", "catapult", etc)

Page Titles

Field-specific queries can be performed, such as the page title.

Example QueryDescription
title:helloMatch pages that contain the term "hello" in the title
title:"hello world"Match pages that contain the phrase "hello world" in the title


Use the exclusion modifier to match only pages that do not contain a specific term. To exclude a term, prefix the term with a - (minus sign). 

Example QueryDescription
-catOnly match pages that do not contain the term cat in the default search field
-title:catOnly match pages that do not contain the term cat in the title field

OR Operator

Use the OR operator to require that a matching page contain only one of many possible values. The OR operator must be specified in upper case (otherwise the search is for the word "or").

Example QueryDescription
cat OR dogMatches pages that contain the term "cat" or the term "dog"
cat OR "hound dog"Matches pages that contain the term "cat" or the phrase "hound dog"



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