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Where To Find This Script

You can run this script by clicking on Scripts->EM->

Awr script page macro
ScriptPathScript → EM → Check_For_Update_3D_Parts
ButtonLabelRun Script
from AWRDE menu.


AWR creates and maintains many generic 3D parts for customers to use. The primary method of customers accessing these parts are from the AWR website. AWR may need to update 3D parts as issues are discovered and fixed. This script is used to check whether there is a newer version available on the website for any of the downloaded 3D parts used in a project. See 3D Parts Update in the NI AWRDE documentation for more details on using this script.

Scripting Information

Scripts included in the install are configured to run directly from the NI AWR Design Environment from the Scripts menu.

Scripts that you download must be imported into a project or placed in your global scripts folder to use them. See Working with VB Scripts for information on how to use these scripts.

You can also customize the AWRDE to run scripts from hotkeys, menus, or toolbar buttons. See Working with VB Scripts for more information.

For complete information about the AWRDE API, see the AWRDE API Programming Guide Help in the AWRDE installation. You can also view our Scripting Website for more scripting examples.