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This application note discusses how to create projects that use temperature as a variable in Microwave Office (MWO) and Analog Office (AO) simulations. This document includes:

  • A brief discussion of how the built-in variables _TEMP and _TEMPK are used.

  • References to a project used to illustrate the main points of this application note.   Click the button below to open the project.

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Temperature controls the noise generation processes and the static operating point of nonlinear components and their dynamic behavior. With the necessary models for these components it is possible to calculate the DC operating point, noise figure, and both AC small and large signal properties of components as a function of temperature.


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and simulate. The value of _TEMPK always returns the current value in degrees Kelvin. If no value is explicitly set, the value is 290 degrees Kelvin. These variables are displayed in the  "A: Displaying Temperature Values" schematic.


This application note has illustrated the methods that can be employed to perform noise and nonlinear simulations when the operating temperature needs to be accounted for.