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Very similar to the Rectangular 2D graph except in this case the trace index along the z-axis in the 3D graph:

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titleRectangular 3D Graph Top Level
import pyawr.mwoffice as mwo #pyawr interface to AWRDE
import mwo_2d3d_graphing

awrde = mwo.CMWOffice()

#help(mwo_2d3d_graphing.Rectangular_3D)                     #un-comment to print help information 
GraphName = 'LPF Sparam'                                    #Name of the AWRDE rectangular graph
MeasNamePartial_list = ['S(2,1)', 'S(1,1)']                 #Measurement names in the AWRDE graph. These can be partial names.
#Axis scaling parameters (Min, Max, Number of divisions, scaling factor, axis label)
rect3d = mwo_2d3d_graphing.Rectangular_3D(awrde, GraphName, MeasNamePartial_list)
rect3d.Set_Axis_Scale(Xaxis_Scale=(0,5,10,1e9,'Frequency [GHz]'),\
                      Yaxis_Scale=(-30,0,10,1,'s21 [dB]'))