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The AWR Design Environment (AWRDE) will not start.  The error message is shown below, followed by its text. This indicates that the machine has been corrupted.  The error code means that AWRDE (MWOffice.exe), which is 64-bit, attempted to load a 32-bit dynamically linked library (DLL) file.  This can happen if a 64-bit dll is overwritten with a 32-bit dll or a 32-bit dll is added to the install directory. The dll could be one that's part of MWOffice install or part of the Windows operating system.

Title: MWOffice.exe - Application Error

Message: The application was unable to start correctly (0xc000007b). Click OK to close the application.


  1. Run the installer again, and choose the option to "Repair" the installation. 
  2. If this does not fix the problem:
    1. Run the installer
    2. "Uninstall" the software 
    3. Look for the folder where it was installed, and delete or rename it if it is still there.
    4. Run the installer again to re-install.
  3. If you still get the error, then some of your Microsoft DLLs may have been replaced by 32-bit ones.
    1. Download the program depends.exe from
    2. Run it on the MWOffice.exe program in your installation folder.
    3. Identify any 32-bit DLLs referenced in the hierarchy.
    4. Contact AWR support at Getting AWR Technical Support with the results, so that we can make recommendations on how to fix them.