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The main object in the layout is a DrawingObject, which, in turn, consists of Shapes.

The drawing objects have a TypeBit that can be checked according to the code below.

 'Description=loops through every DrawingObject in a layout and returns it's TypeBit

'The available TypeBit values for a layout DrawingObject are as follows:
'mwLSF_None              = mwOSF_None,
'mwLSF_Graphics          = mwOSF_Graphics,
'mwLSF_Text              = mwOSF_Text,
'mwLSF_iNet              = mwOSF_iNet,
'mwLSF_LayCell           = mwOSF_LayCell,
'mwLSF_SubCell           = mwOSF_SubCell,
'mwLSF_CellPort          = mwOSF_CellPort,
'mwLSF_AreaPin           = mwOSF_AreaPin,
'mwLSF_LayPort           = mwOSF_LayPort,
'mwLSF_ArtworkCell       = mwOSF_ArtworkCell

'The numeric values of the TypeBit property are defined as follows:
'mwOSF_None              = 0x0, 
'mwOSF_Graphics          = 0x1, 
'mwOSF_Equation          = 0x2, 
'mwOSF_Text              = 0x4,
'mwOSF_CommonElement     = 0x8, 
'mwOSF_Wire              = 0x10, 
'mwOSF_Annotation        = 0x20,
'mwOSF_iNet              = 0x40, 
'mwOSF_MovableProbe      = 0x80, 
'mwOSF_LayCell           = 0x100,
'mwOSF_SubCell           = 0x200, 
'mwOSF_ParamFrame        = 0x400, 
'mwOSF_BySize            = 0x800, 
'mwOSF_CellPort          = 0x1000, 
'mwOSF_AreaPin           = 0x2000, 
'mwOSF_LayPort           = 0x4000,
'mwOSF_ByPositionFixed   = 0x8000, 
'mwOSF_BySize2           = 0x10000,
'mwOSF_ArtworkCell       = 0x20000,
'mwOSF_PinObject         = mwOSF_CellPort | mwOSF_LayPort | mwOSF_AreaPin,
'mwOSF_InstObject        = mwOSF_LayCell | mwOSF_SubCell

Dim dr As DrawingObject

For Each dr In Project.Schematics(1).Layout.DrawingObjects
        Debug.Print dr.InfoText + vbTab + CStr(dr.TypeBits)
Next dr
The individual Shapes within the DrawingObject will have a type which must be tested for to see what the object is. Here is sample code that does this:
'Description=loops through all drawing objects in a layout and prints out information about them, simple exmaple of how to access these.

' Code Module
Sub awrDumpOutDrawingObjects
        Dim sx As Schematic
        Dim DrawObj As DrawingObject
        Dim shp As Shape
        Dim attr As Attribute
        Dim vtx As Vertex
        Dim i As Integer


        'can get units from layout and multiply verticies by multplier to give proper units
        umult = Project.Units(mwUT_Length).MultValue
        uname =  Project.Units(mwUT_Length).UnitString
        'Set lx=Project.Layout("circ1")
        Set sx = Project.Schematics(1)
        Debug.Print "Schematic Name = " & sx.Name
        For Each DrawObj In sx.Layout.DrawingObjects
            Debug.Print " "
                For Each shp In DrawObj.Shapes
                    shptype = shp.Type
                    Select Case shptype
                    Case mwST_Rectangle
                                Debug.Print "Shape Type = Rectangle"
                        Case mwST_Polygon ' could also use 1
                                Debug.Print "Shape Type = Polygon"
                        Case mwST_Path
                                Debug.Print "Shape Type = Path"
                        Case mwST_Ellipse
                                Debug.Print "Shape Type = Ellipse"
                        Case mwST_Text
                                Debug.Print "Shape Type = Text"
                        Case mwST_DrillHole
                                Debug.Print "Shape Type = Drill Hole"
                        Case mwST_Port
                                Debug.Print "Shape Type = Cell Port"
                        Case mwST_CellStretcher
                                Debug.Print "Shape Type = Cell Stretcher"
                        Case mwST_Arc
                                Debug.Print "Shape Type = Arc"
                        Case mwST_CellPin
                                Debug.Print "Shape Type = Cell Pin"
                    End Select

                        'Debug.Print "Shape Type = " & shp.Type
                        Debug.Print "Vertex Count = " & shp.Vertices.Count
                        Debug.Print "Drawing Layer = " & shp.DrawingLayer.Name
                        i = 1
                        For Each vtx In shp.Vertices
                                Debug.Print "Vertex[" & i & "] = { x = " & vtx.x/umult & ", y = " & vtx.y/umult &"} " &uname
                                i = i + 1
                        Next vtx
                Next shp
        Next DrawObj
End Sub