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When starting a layout one of the first things you'll probably need to do is bring in a Layer Process Definition file, also known as a LPF file. This will define the processing layers and parameters for the layout design. The AWR Design environment supports the use of multiple process definitions within a project so the Project object supports a collection of LayoutProcessDefinitions in an object called Project.ProcessDefinitions. We'd like to add a process definition to this collection so we use the Import method on this collection to add a new element. When a new project is created a default process definition is added to the layout as a placeholder. When we import the new one it will overwrite the placeholder and become our default LPF file. To import a LPF file called mmic.lpf we'll execute the following code:

 ' Code Module
Sub Main
        Dim procDef As LayoutProcessDefinition

        Set procDef = Project.ProcessDefinitions.Import("C:\mmic.lpf", True)
        Debug.Print procDef.Name

End Sub


Figure 1 shows the layout project before and after running the import script.

Figure 1 Layout project before and after importing the new process definition (LPF) file.

After importing the LPF file the process layers are defined as well as a number of processing parameters like the default length units.