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There are times when more information is needed in the type library in order to be able to set some objects in the AWRDE. One such case is setting UserSettings.

In Visual Basic, user settings would be set in this way

  Application.UserSetting("groupname", "entryname") = "value"


but in Python this will produce the following error

"SyntaxError: can't assign to function call"

Defining the AWRDE type library

The solution to this problem is to use to create full Python support for the AWRDE. This command will be found in the lib\site-packages\win32com\client folder of your Python installation and is run by double-clicking on the command. It will open a window asking you to 'Select Library'.

Select the 'AWR Design Environment' version you are using and press "OK". This will create the type library information for the AWRDE.

Once this is done you will have additional functions available when you create AWRDE COM objects.

Solving the UserSetting problem

Now, we can set properties in the AWRDE using the Set methods provided by the command which are loaded automatically when we call Dispatch. At this point we would set a user setting with this:

  awrde_com_object.SetUserSetting("groupname", "entryname", "value")